Tickets, Please!

(Without comment, the Crimson reprints this poem which originally appeared in its Yale Game issue for 1935.)

Harvard men are mad as crickets

Popping up from all the thickets

Piping, "Mr. Bingham! What's

The story on the tickets?"

What's the story here?

Who can raise a cheer

When his neck is full of cricks

Off in section 36?

After all, it's common knowledge

Half the fun of Harvard College

(And there's nothing quite so nifty)

Is a ticket on the fifty.

This is getting rather scarey,

How explain to Jane and Mary

That by one of Bingham's tricks

We're in section 36?

Does he know the mental anguish

Of a senior made to languish

In the horrid imperfection

Of an undesirable section?

Freshmen freezing in the shade

Of the windy colonnade!

They may all come down with rickets--

Why, the idea of such tickets!

Oh, the anguish! Oh, the shame!

Never mind about the game,

Tell us something we can say

To Roberta, Flo, and May.

Let's surround the H.A.A.

Night and day in angry pickets

Bearing placards that will say


Well, it's quite a howdy-do

And perhaps too late for kicks,

But our sons go to Purdue

If we sit in 36!