Speakers Will Discuss UNO-fication Tonight

"Nationalism versus the UNO" will be the topic under discussion tonight by Associate Professors Michael Karpovich and Donald C. McKay of the History department, joining with Cord Meyer, Jr. 1G, under the sponsorship of the Harvard Forum. The meeting will be held at Emerson D at 7:45 o'clock.

Meyer, who served as former Minnesota Governor Stassen's assistant at the San Francisco Conference last fall, and also attended the Bretton Woods Conferences, is a leading proponent of the Dublin, New Hampshire, movement for World Federation.

Professor Karpovich served during the March, 1917, revolution in Russia under the Menshevik regime before the more radical Bolsheviks took control in the November revolution. Professor McKay, in coordination with Sumner Welles '14, has arranged for the publication of a number of books on international politics.