Intramural Athletics Peters Out Next Week

With one and perhaps two contests still ahead, intramural activities virtually ended this week. Still to be run of are the final tennis match between Kirkland and Winthrop scheduled for Monday and a possible crew race between Leverett, Kirkland, and Winthrop.

On Monday Kirkland won the finals of the hardball league from Dunster by the score of 6 to 3 on Bill Harison's three hitter. The Funsters, however, clinched the softball league when Winthrop defaulted to them on Wednesday.

In the only interhouse crew race rowed so far this spring, Kirkland beat Winthrop by two and a half lengths. The Puritans caught a crab at the starting flag and could not make up the ground lost. Kirkland defeated Leverett 7 to 0 Thursday in the spring's first tennis match.