Funsters Sink Kirkland 7 to 4 To Inaugurate House Baseball

House athletics hit their stride this week with Inter-house softball games every afternoon, and yesterday the baseball league got under way when Dunster beat Kirkland in seven innings, 7 to 4.

In the softball league the Lowell House Bellboys, with the help of a few ringers, took Dudley 14 to 7 on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday, the Adams House team put down Kirkland 6 to 2, and yesterday the well-organized Leverett nine handed Lowell its second loss for three starts, 13 to 3.

The games so far have been very informal and Leverett is the only House that has come out with a full team. All the other teams filled up their ranks with odd players from other Houses when they had a game to play. The initiation of regular baseball as well as softball has further divided the number of available players.