Don't Waste Money!

General upward pressure beneath the price level has finally become evident in all goods. Basic commodities, always leading the parade have not yet taken the second turn which marks the beginning of the endless circle. Now is the time when waiting out the price tail-chasing will mean security later on.

The CRIMSON will continue to welcome any reports of stores which conspicuously hold back on their prices. Today's list of price complaints has been reprinted as received. The Oyster Shell (restaurant)  all meat dishes up $.05 to $.10 Woolworth 5-and 10  shoe trees from $.39 to $.49 Fiske's  ice cream, with dinner, $.10 to $.15 Harvard Variety Store  $.05 rise on ice cream cones Young Lee's Restaurant  all dinners up about 30 percent

ERROR--The Gold Coast Valeteria has not raised its laundry rates as noted in Friday's complaint box.