Hanford Asks Report on Firearms; Offenders Face Disciplinary Action

Emphasizing recent undergraduate disregard of University rules regarding the possession of firearms and ammunition, Dean Hanford yesterday reminded students that regulations established by the Faculty state that "no student may keep firearms or ammunition in his room unless he has obtained a special permit from the Dean's Office or from his House master."

Although no search of rooms is contemplated, Dean Hanford warned that "instructions have been given to officers and employees of the University to report to the Dean's Office or to the House masters the presence of firearms and or ammunition which are seen in students rooms. If such firearms are there without permission, it will be necessary for the Administrative Board to take serious disciplinary action in order to protect other students and the community."

The Dean's Office will issue permits to be filled out by all those wishing to keep weapons and ammunition in their possession. In addition to other information, the forms will require a statement of the purpose for which the firearm is to be kept, and will require the approval of the College police as well as the Dean's Office.

Students will be allowed to retain weapons only after they have been declared safe and inoperative by a firearms expert, and then only if the conditions under which they are kept have been approved.

Citing recent accidents resulting from the careless handling and storing of weapons, Dean Hanford emphasized the necessity of precautions at this time. "Within the last three weeks a revolver was found in a student's room here in which a death had occurred from other causes. More recently a revolver and ammunition was reported to which an outsider with a criminal record would have had access if he had not been apprehended."

Men allowed to retain their weapons are requested by Dean Hanford to keep their room doors locked, even though the weapons have been disarmed