Soccer Team Defeats Amherst, 3-2

Short Passes Split Lord Jeff Defense; Jayvee Squad Bows

The script ran true to form at Amherst, Mass., as the undefeated Varsity soccer team passed its way to a 3 to 2 win over the Lord Jeffs last Saturday afternoon.

Just as in the Army win the week before, the Crimson short passing game split the Amherst defense while the long leading boots of the Jeffs were methodically returned by the Harvard fulls. In a simultaneous game the Amherst Jayvees won from the Crimson, 1 to 0.

Manny Aguirre opened the scoring for the Crimson in the first period with an angle shot from his left wing position but Amherst tied the score up ten minutes later when Ben Stolsfus booted one in at the end of a long dash through the Varsity defense.

Potter Scores on Penalty

Just before the half ended an Amherst fullback tripped center forward Phil Potter as he was shooting at the Amherst goal, and Potter promptly scored the resulting penalty kick to make the score 2 to 1.

Although the Crimson had possession of the ball for most of the third period, neither side managed to score, but just after the fourth period began, Potter got his second goal of the afternoon on a long pass from Aguirre. Taking the ball away from an Amherst halfback, Aguirre lofted a long boot from midfield which fell just in front of the Amherst goalie. Potter knocked it out of his hands and into the goal for the winning margin.

Six minutes before the game ended. Walt Klausson tapped in the last Lord Jeff goal on a pass from Dick Donati, his agile Italian-born left wing.

The Harvard lineup: Batchelder, g.; Scully, l.f.; Burrowes, r.f.; Mavor (capt.) l.h.; Ogden, c.h.; Louria, r.h.; Aguirre, l.o.; Estin, l.i.; Potter, c.f.; Spivak, r.i.; Heisler, r.o. Substitutes: Dawson, Seamans.