B.U. Team Out To Avenge '45 60-0 Drubbing

Sports Editor, Boston University News

Bitter memories of 1945's 60-0 slaughter and an eager determination for revenge will dominate the thoughts of the Boston University gridders this afternoon when they line up against Harvard in the Stadium at 2:30 o'clock.

The game, first real test of the University's "big-time" athletic program, will show a different Scarlet and White club from the one which played in the informal tilt of two years ago. The battle-fatigued vets have been replaced by 49 well-conditioned athletes who have been waiting for this game. They are ready for it and have vowed that there will be no repetition of the 1945 scandal.

Buff Donelli, starting his first season as the Terrier's coach, has done a remarkable job with the squad. He has moulded a few newcomers and about 30 leftovers from last fall's team into a precisioned outfit, capable of holding ground with the best teams in New England.

T Took Time

It took time to install his version of the T formation. He lacked a quarterback, his ends were too light, center was weak and his reserves were below par. Yet with tireless effort, he worked throughout the Spring and early fall to make this team what it is today.

The Mehawk game was no test of the Terriers. It introduced the winged T to the B.U. fans and gave Buff Donelli a line on what he could expect from his reserves. This week he has been drilling on pass defense and down field blocking and tackling, all of which were unsatisfactory to the Terrier mentor.

Don Giles, Terrier captain who has been plagued with a series of charlie-horses said that for the first time since practice began he feels like playing football. That alone is bad news for any opponent, as Don is dynamite enough when he's sick, but it'll take a super Harlow defense to stop the Milton lad when he's right.

Although Donelli is putting most of his offensive hopes on Giles' shoulders, John Toner, the brains behind the T, is looked upon by Donelli as the one person who can make or break this ball game. Toner has come a long ways since he was third string quarterback a year ago. He's only a sophomore and if Donelli's word is good, Toner's name will be more than whispered for All-American honors before he leaves school.

Melrose Speed King

Bobby Hatch, the Melrose speed king, and Gene Mancino make up the rest of the backfield. Hatch has won two letters in varsity football and Gene Mancino is the All-everything fullback from Memorial High in West New York, New Jersey.

Buff has only two left-ends. Walt Anderson and George Winkler, and only two right guards, Dave Barret and George Ramacorti. Ramacorti and Anderson are both lettermen, but Buff is worried about Anderson's lack of weight. George Boston, ex-Harvard backfield man, will be forced to play both flanks to make up for a third left end. Behind Boston on the right side are Bill Stanley and Bob Malone, both good ends.

Ramacorti, claimed by Dick Harlow to be the best Terrier linesman, will be at tackle on the right side and Irv Holler, 200-pound Revere lad will start as his running mate. Ed Haracz and Al Stewart, despite his fractured right hand, will be at the guards and it's a toss-up between Art Boyle and Ed Sandall for the pivot post. Boyle is the pepper-pot of the squad and will probably got the nod from Donelli.