Terriers Trail Hot on Tail Of Technology's Techniques

Terrier raiders were undoubtedly nervous or tired in the small hours of the morning as they industriously etched the initials of their alma mater on the Stadium turf. Their lack of artistry is condemned by no less an authority than William J. Bingham '16, Director of Athletics.

"Now a couple of years ago," recalled Bingham, "M.I.T. did a really fine job. A spectator could really make out the letters sitting stop the goalpost, or even on a silver flask in the Soldiers Field stands. Yes, that was an engineer's product," he recollected.

B.U. sympathizers, however, defended the work of their spirited night owls last night. They observed that the letters in M.I.T. are all straight lines, and could be laid down with a surveyor's transit and a slide rule.