400 Volunteer To Help PBH in Fall Activities

With over 400 volunteers already enrolled, PBH is off to its fastest start since before the war, president Charles R. Lipton '48 said yesterday.

"Just a drop in the bucket compared to the men we could use," commented Lipton as he looked over the enrollment figures. Confirmation of Lipton's statement came from Norman H. Brooks '49, chairman of the Social Service Committee who said he could place 70 additional men immediately.

With 156 men, the important Social Service Committee had the highest number of volunteers. Next with 108 came the Undergraduate Faculty Committee which supplies tutors to high schools. Lipton attributed the large number of applicants this year to the extensive publicity campaign featuring posters and house to house coverage.

Volunteers Meet Today

Briefing for all new and old workers of the Social Service Committee, which administers to 38 agencies, will be this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock in PBH, Brooks said. "The meeting will acquaint volunteers with the methods used in boy's work," he added. Speakers include John Kingman, director of Lincoln House, South Boston, Mark Mazel of South End House, Paul Sweeney of Cambridge Neighborhood House, and William Flaherty of the Community Recreation Service.

Last year's blood drives will be repeated November 2, and 25 when the Red Cross mobile unit will be at PBH.