Ovens Call Menu Tune at College Bakery

Bread Business

If you didn't find roast beef on your tray yesterday, don't talk about high prices, don't mumble about the lack of meat, but take your troubles to a subterranean chamber under Eliot House where Miss Frances Hinckley, beside two huge ovens, plots College menus three weeks in advance.

In her green painted office, the pretty brunette manager of the University bakery plans Operation Oven, which provides the breads and cakes for more than 6000 hungry Harvard months.

It took science a while to catch up with the old brick ovens, but early in September two gas-heated vaults with revolving trays replaced them. As yet, no flour covered witch has baked any unsuspecting Cliffe dwelling Gretel.

Thirty - eight different items pass through the evens during an average weeks including eight different types of bread. An order of apple pie for each student uses up 7200 apples, and the yeast comes in pound containers, Miss Hinckley relates.