Hungary Bids for Seminar

Magazine Asks Salzburg Group To Change Site

An unofficial publication of the Hungarian Government has invited the Student Council to move its 1948 Seminar in American Civilization to Hungary, which will then be celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of its 1848 fight for independence.

The September issue of the Budapest magazine "New Hungary" was received at the University from behind the "iron curtain" last night by Clemens Heller 2G, director of the Salzburg Executive Committee, which supervises operation of the seminar.

Council Will Act

Heller promised immediate consideration of the Hungarian proposal when his committee meets Saturday at 2:30 o'clock. The seminar took place in Leopoldskron, Salzburg, last summer.

"New Hungary" published a long account of the project, and paid tribute to lectures delivered by Gaetano Salvemini, Lauro de Bois Lecturer on the History of Italian Civilization, and professors Francis O. Matthiessen, Wassily W. Leontieff, and Benjamin F. Wright, Jr.

No Propaganda

In commenting on the seminar, the purpose of which was to acquaint European students with American civilization, the magazine said:

"But this Salzburg meeting has gone far beyond its own purpose. It became a free forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions. There wasn't a shadow of propaganda in Salzburg. In this excellent atmosphere all the problems of an intellectual cooperation between the United States and Europe came to the fore with no regard for political prejudices."

Richard D. Campbell '48, administrative aide to the seminar, also came in for praise from the Hungarian periodical. "Campbell," it said, "works untiringly for international understanding."