Buildings Top Soccer Yardlings By 2-1 as Shaugnessy Shines

Church Shanghnessy, former Exeter forward who now plays for the Blue, scored two goals for the Yales yesterday afternoon and with his team defeated Poley Gnyda's Freshman soccer eleven, 3 to 1, on one of the remote fields around the Bowl. Joe Wogan scored the only goal for the Crimson as the Yardlings lost their second game of the year and their first in five games.

The Crimson lineup: Snook, Harshman, g; Darrell, rf; Shafer, lt; Sparrow; rh; Gabler (capt.) eh; Hansen, lb; Welses, ro; Johnson, rt: Wogan, of; Wolf, H; Krogins, lo. Substitutes; Kosil, Elleanor, Knauth, Mathey, Halbert, Lee, Kempner, Goriton.