Invading Bruin Quintet To Face Varsity tonight

In the initial Eastern Intercollegiate League basketball game of the current season, the Crimson tackles an unknown quantity, Brown's 1947-48 quintet, on the Indoor Athletic Building court tonight at 8.45 o'clock. Harvard's Freshman five will open the Blockhouse sports festivities at 7 o'clock against its Brain counterpart.

Brown's eage potentialities are shrouded in mystery since the contest in not only the Bears' opener but will mark the debut of a new mentor, Bob Morris, coach of the professional Providence Steamrollers last year.

With only five holdovers on the squad, the Bruins will be out to avenge last year's dual drubbing by the Crimson, 61 to 48 and 53 to 40. Coach Morris' fast break style of play, as demonstrated by the Steamrollers, leads acute observers to suspect that the Brown quintet will forsake its former deliberate system for a Mid-western, fire-horse brand of ball.

Crimson coach Bill Barclay will start the same unit which got the nod against M.I.T. Wednesday night, but the 31 year old mentor plans further position-shifting experiments within his guard-rich but forward-poor squad to determine how to field his five best players simultaneously.

In Bill Henry, Steve Davis, Bill Brady, Chip Gannon, and the still ineligible Walt McCurdy, Barclay has five experienced guards, but of the coach's 12-man squad, only Cliff Crosby has always been a forward. Captain George Hauptfuhrer was shifted from center to the other forward slot when Barclay acquired two other capable pivot men in Bill Prior and John-Rockwell.

One of these early-game shifts should see Bill Henry get his first chance to demonstrate his wares at forward, as Brady takes over his guard assignment and he, in turn, replaces Crosby at forward. HARVARD  BROWN Crosby  LF  G. Tyrrell Hauptfuhrer  RF  Schultz Rockwell  C  J. Tyrrell Henry  LG  Corner Davis  RG  Patrick