Varsity Slashes B.U. Fencers by 24-3 as '50 Falters at Worcester

Varsity fencers cut down Boston University 24 to 3 here yesterday for their fourth win of the year, while the Freshmen dropped their second match, 17 1/2 to 9 1/2, simultaneously at Worcester Academy.

The Varsity meet was probably the easiest of the year, seven of the bouts being won without a touch. Freshmen, on the other hand, faced the toughest opposition of the season in Worcester, the only team able to best them. Tying in Epee, the Yardlings lost decisively in both Foil and Saber.

The lineups:

Varsity: Foils--Van Rossen, Raney, Barricelli, Hubbard; Epee--Johnson, Duke, Masterson; Saber--Ellis, Edelman, Gay.

Freshman: Foils--Lewontin, Frankmann, Arp; Epee--Shade, Constable, Lewontin; Saber--Johnson, Levine, Murphy.