Tennis Tourney Begins Wednesday; Swim Meet Will Be Held August 18

Eight Events Listed For Aquatic Action

An all-University swimming meet --with individual summer titles at stake--will monopolize the waters of the Indoor Athletic Building on the afternoon of August 18, swimming coach Bill Brooks disclosed yesterday.

Making allowances for interested but nevertheless neophyte summer swimmers, Brooks has arranged for two races in each event--one open to any member of the University and one closed to everyone except members of the Class of '51, currently enrolled in Brooks' swimming classes.

Four Types

Four different types of races have been scheduled, Brooks said, to appeal to men who feel that they have a specialty. There will be 50-yard races in free style, back-stroke, and breast-stroke, and a 200-yard contest free style for long distance swimmers.

Brooks, ordinarily Freshman coach but in charge of all the Athletic Building's aquatic activities for the summer, eleminated the diving events from the meet's calendar because of a dearth of talent and the "lack of real competition in diving, which can almost be decided beforehand when you have only a few, inexperienced entries."

Wise and Sicular

Competitors will be limited to two events and were advised to sign up with Brooks in order to enter. Medals will be awarded to the winner of each race.

Commenting on the open class possibilities, Brooks said that he expects entries from Steve Wise, Varsity free-styler last winter, and Art Sicular, who swam the free-style, anchor leg on the Freshman relay team which defeated Yale last term.

Brooks, hoping for a full complement of competitors in each of the eight races, remarked about the novice events that "they are always full of surprises by bringing out unknown ability."