Bender Sets Forth Rules on Absences

Dean Bender Issued the following statement to the Crimson yesterday:

"Attention is called to the College rules about excuses for absences from examination or classes because of illness. These rules, printed on page 4 of the Regulations for Students in Harvard College, are strictly adhered to. They provide that no student will be excused from an examination unless his illness is reported to the Hygiene Department no later than the hour of the examination. If he consults his own doctor, he should submit to the Hygiene Department a statement from his doctor written and sent in on the day of the illness.

"All cases of illness at home, whether they involve absence from examinations or not, should be reported promptly to the Hygiene Department. Any student who is ill at home should submit to the Department of Hygiene immediately on his return to classes a statement from his doctor giving the diagnosis and time absent from classes. Unless there is prompt reporting of illness and a physician's statement presented immediately on return, absences will not be excused."