Pen, Pencil Not Adequate For, Exams, 'Cliffer Shows

Exam-wise upperclass veterans had warned 'Cliffe freshmen that finals were no pink tea, and one earnest young scholar took the counsellors at their word.

As the bluebooks were dealt out at her first exam, she extracted the standard tools from the pocket of her blue jeans--pen, pencils, eraser, postcard. Then, unwrapping a dainty, paper-sheathed parcel, she laid on her writing board a spoon, a pink cup and saucer, a small white packet of sugar, a pink napkin. Beside, them she stood a thermos of piping hot coffee.

Only one objection arose as she drained the jug during the afternoon. A neighboring toiler protested that the gritty crunch of stirred sugar distracted her to the point where she could hardly remember the life span of King Aethulwulf of Britain.

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