Russell Campaigns for Ford As Agency Takes Up Claims

After a week and a half of watchful waiting, James B. Russell 2GB now has a glint in his eye and may soon have a new Ford in his garage. Russell is the student who is calling Fred Allen's bluff by asking reimbursement for a new Ford he might have won had he not been listening to the comedian's program two Sundays ago.

In response to two letters sent by Russell in the past week and a half, the William Morris Agency at Rockefeller Center, Allen's publicity men, finally broke the ice yesterday with the information that a thorough investigation is under way. Implying that they would just as soon hear nothing more from Russell for a while, the agency promised to take complete charge of the matter and notify him in about a week.

Russell is trying to take the gag-man up on his guarantee to make good any give-away prize missed because the listener is tuned to his program.