Valpey Orders Evening Workouts for Eleven

Scribes Come Formal

Art Valpey ordered the first evening football practice of the year last night and the obliging writers of Cambridge and Boston turned out for the occasion in you guessed ft, evening dress.

The delayed session was the result of hour exams which have cut the varsity squad in half. The dinner jackets were the result of less academic passtimes.

Valpey, speaking less formally than the prevalent dress would indicate, declared that he was "not trying to buck Harvard College academic rules. It's the only time I can get a full squad out here," Valpey said.

More Sessions

As a result of the 100 percent turnout last night, Valpey has ordered similar practice hours tonight. The Varsity turns out in Briggs Cage at 7 p.m. for limbering up exercises and at 8 p.m. moves out under the Soldiers Field lights for Princeton game preparations.

Last night the team showed better timing on running plays, but the artificial light, as usual slowed down the passing drill.

The emergency night sessions grew out of Valpey's urge to bring the Big Three (Harvard-Princeton-Yale) title to Cambridge for the first time in seven years.

While the Big Three banner at present signifies much less than the one-third ratio it bears to the Big Nine title, it still means much more to the white-haired Brahmins (of the age of Brickley, Mahan, and Horween, to mention a few) who will in all probability empty wall Street on Saturday in favor of Palmer Stadium.

Princeton Favored

The odds are against Harvard. Last Saturday the Tigers showed Virginia how the ball bounces, 55 to 14. Last season, Virginia humiliated the Crimson, 47 to 0.

Virginia of course, lost a few men. However, familiar names (Weir, Papit, Barbour, etc.) were announced by the loudspeaker system in both Scott Stadium in 1947 and Palmer Stadium in 1948.