Idler Production Opens Saturday


Idler's fall production, "Way of the World," hits the Agassiz Stage at 8:30 p.m. Saturday night, complete with a 20th century face-lifting of Congreve's famous comedy.

The play features 7th century situations in modern settings, modern dress by Bonwit Teller, a modern musical backdrop by Nicholas Van Slyck 2G, and the latest quotes from T. S. Eliot '10 in place of Herrick, Lovelace, and Suckling.

Even the scene in which Marwood, the villainess, swears on the Bible has traces of Eliot. The Bible turns out to be his "Ash Wednesday."

Radcliffe get a shot of the new Idler production technique last Monday night at the dinner table. Napkins, printed in red ink, announced, "In Cambridge it's "The Way of the World."