Shafer, Houston Ivy Stars by Bruin Poll

Fullback Paul Shafer and guard Howie Houston were named by the Brown football players in their selection of an "all-opponents" team today. The Bruins, unable to decide decisively, named a five-man backfield.

Three Rutgera players, two each from Harvard, Princeton, and Holy Cross, and one from Yale, Colgate, and Western Reserve made up the twelve-man squad.

Lineman include Jim Dicckelman, Holy Cross; Julian Buxton, Princeton; Bob Hughes, Western Reserve; Jim Talgia, Rutgers; Bob Ochs, Rutgers; and Tom Kelicher, Holy Cross. Backfield men are Frank Burns, Rutgers; Levl Jackson, Yale, George Sella, Princeton; Armand Allaire, Colgate; and Shafer.