Radcliffe Prowler To Appear Today On Rape Charges

Francis J. Gallagher, arrested Friday night as the prowler who terrorized two Radcliffe houses the previous evening, will be arraigned today at 9 a.m. in the Third district Court of Cambridge on charges of at least one rape, one attempted rape, and several lesser counts. He will be held in $30,000 bond until his case is continued.

Gallagher, 20-year-old veteran from North Cambridge, was trapped Friday by Inspector Joseph P. Breen in a North Cambridge restaurant, and was taken to Central Square police station.

Attempts Escape

Immediately after being identified by Dorothy Drohan and Betty Lowenstein, Gallagher attempted to dive through a steel-barred window of the second floor of the police station and was subdued only after a ten-minute struggle. Miss Lowenstein and Miss Drohan claimed that he had assaulted them last Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

Barbara Bancroft '51 could not positively identify Gallagher as the youth who invaded 6 Acacia st. Thursday night. Six Radcliffe graduate students who saw him briefly during his trouserless intrusion into Founder's House were unwilling to attempt identification.

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