Police Catch New Coop Suspect in East Boston Trap

Local police investigators yesterday predicted quick and complete solution of the $50,000 Coop robbery with possible discovery of the entire loot, after State, Boston, and Cambridge forces staged a well-laid trap at a Carver Street, South End, hotel which resulted in the capture of a second suspect.

Besides turning up an envelope containing "a substantial amount of cash" police said they had learned how the bandits escaped from the robbery by switching cars in Central Square.

No arrest had been made as of last night, police reported, as the captive, a 47 year old Boston man with a record of 30 previous convictions, was full of narcotics when captured, and is being "soaked out" before formal charge are filed.

Detectives had been checking on the man for several weeks before a tip came in that he had returned from a hurried out-of-town trip, thus setting the stage for the combined police action. The suspect surrendered in his room without a struggle.