Annex Agog as 'Cliffe Council Tries To Include Marriage in Curriculum

Marriage lectures and discussion groups will be included in the Radcliffe curriculum next term if a proposal entertained at yesterday's session of the 'Cliffe Student Council goes into effect. Investigation of the suggested series was left to a committee including Drs. Veronica B. Tisza and Dorothy G. McLead, college physicians, and several Council members.

The proposal is the result of a Council suggestion for a survey of the college's counseling service, which aids students with non-academic problems of adjustment. Dr. Tisza, who sat in on yesterday's Council meeting, pointed out that the Health Center makes appointments for personal interviews with students who have such problems to present.

Two married undergraduates at the Annex lauded plans for such a marriage course. "I would have appreciated such a course before I was married," sighed Mrs. Doris MacLeod Moths '49. A married senior asserted, "As a happily married and well-adjusted person, I think such a course would be a fine thing, although I get along perfectly well with out having had one." A 'Cliffe freshman commented: "I think it's just what the college needs . . . in fact, Harvard might do well to follow our example. It's the greatest thing since 'dual instruction.'"