Valpey May Lure Michigan Grid Coaching Aides Here

Jordan, Madar, Nelson, Ceithaml Are Possibilities

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Feb. 23--Within the next few days an air-mail special delivery letter will arrive at Bill Bingham's office in the basement of the Union. Inside will probably be the names of two of Art Valpey's choices for assistant football coaches.

Who these aides will be is strictly a matter of conjecture, except that Valpey has narrowed the field considerably by stating that they will have been associated with Fritz Crisler in the last ten years.

According to some of the local politicos, BMOC's, and Maize and Blue football squad members, here's the way they will line up: As line coach, it looks like Forrest "Butch" Jordan, currently listed as assistant line coach in the Ann Arbor pigskin picture. The former letterman guard and ex-Western Conference wrestling champion, when asked if he planned to follow Valpey to Harvard, said, "I only wish I know."

Madar Probable End Coach

But Butch didn't look like a worried man, and Valpey has asserted that he is only waiting for a couple of prospects to "clear themselves with their own front offices."

As future Crimson end coach, 170-pound Elmer Madar is generally considered top dog. Now with Baltimore's professional Colts, Madar is the 1946 Michigan- All-American wingman whom Valpey has called "one of my smartest pupils." Madar spent the past weekend in Ann Arbor, where he and Valpey took in a track meet together.

Nelson a Backfield Possibility

Never quite big enough to make first string in his undergraduate days, Davy Nelson is conceded to have the inside track on the Crimson backfield coaching job. Nelson is new head coach of Hillsdale College, Michigan.

Also in the running for the backfield berth is George Ceithaml, B squad coach and captain quarterback of Michigan's 1941 team. But the big objection to Ceithaml is the fact that if he joins Butch Jordan as a Valpey assistant, Crisler will have to build up his coaching staff again from scratch.

Assistants Play Big Role

The selection of these three men is an important consideration--especially under the Valpey system where they will not be merely chore-boys. Before each game, Valpey and his assistants will vote on who should start at each position, and even who the first and second substitutes should be.

"My aides will be much closer to the boys than I will be," Valpey says. "If the vote goes against my personal choice at any position, their man will get the call."