'Success of ERP Necessary For Peace,' Claims Bonnet

Ambassador Stresses Need for Hungerless Europeans

Stressing the reconstruction of western Europe as the prime prerequisite of "One World" and peace, Henri Bonnet, French Ambassador to the United States, told an open meeting in Sanders Theater last night that the vision of a world government depends on the economic rebirth of the world trade through the European Recovery Plan.

"The U.N. must be given a chance to grow under stable and prosperous conditions," said Bonnet. "Only when the hungry of the world are fed and the ragged are dressed can be possibilities of a world of nations be achieved."

According to Bonnet, Europe cannot revive without the help of the United States. "With capital industry destroyed, fields razed by war, and the effects of last summer's drought still being felt, France and her neighbors cannot hope to raise the funds necessary for buying essential imports to reconstruct the country without U.S. aid."

"Peace is Contagious"

Questioned from the floor on whether the split between western and Eastern Europe could be soldered, Bonnet stated that peace and health are as contagious as "the most vicious diseases." "With the strengthening of the forces for peace in the West, the East will be bound to come to political and economic terms. Until then communism will continue to triumph," he said.

Bonnet went on to say that United States' aid in the past two years and promise of more in the future has had great political influence within France for the democratic idea.

Bonnet concluded by affirming that developments within Czechoslovakia will have no direct effect on French politics. "We stand with the U. S. and Britain in opposing the new disguised dictatorship," he stated.