PBH, AVC Offer Cheap Textbooks

As student dollars once again converged on local bookstores, thrifty undergraduates received offers of low-priced texts from two College organizations.

Phillips Brooks House reopened its textbook library, where 25 cents will rent anything from "Frau Sorge" to "Symbolic Logic." The books, all second-hand, are housed on the third floor of PBH.

One story below, the American Veterans Committee has a file listing various texts that individual students are offering for sale.

Few Takers

Over 600 such slips pack the Committee's files, but one AVC member estimates that in one day, only 30 students enter the building in search of books and, of those, only eight or ten actually purchase texts.

Veterans using the AVC book exchange facilities can obtain authorization for their cash purchases by filling out a provided blank in triplicate and taking two copies to the Veterans office in Weld Hall.