Squash Unit Tops Wesleyan by 7-2

MIDDLETOWN, Connecticut, February 6-Having successfully concluded the first stop of its weekend squash tour with a 7 to 2 triumph over Wesleyan this afternoon, the Varsity racquet team goes to West Point tomorrow for its part in the Crimson-Army sportsfest.

The summaries: Salum (W) defeated A. Foster (H) 3-2; Wightman (H) defeated Capney (W) 3-1; Stevens (H) defeated Stillman (W) 3-0; Heath (H) defeated Newberry (W) 3-1; McGovern (H) defeated Lutz (W) 3_1; McKittrick (H) defeated Conin (W) 3-0; H. Foster (H) defeated Travis (W) 3-0; Vila (W) defeated Emerson (H) 3-1; Mead (H) defeated Gregory (W) 3-1.