Fencers Falter in Saber Maneuvers, Succumb by 14-13

A 6 to 3 triumph in the final event, the saber, paved the way to Yale's 14 to 13 upset victory over the Crimson fencers Saturday afternoon in New Haven. The visitors sported a 10 to 8 lead going into the deciding matches but the Elis' rally overcame the Crimson advantage. Harvard took the epee and foils by identical 5 to 4 scores.

The Varsity summary:

Foils--Raney (H) def. Daley (Y), 5-2, Hinckley (Y), 5-0, and McKimmin (Y), 5-3; Frankmann (H) def. Hinckley (Y), 5-1; Sheldon (H) def. Hinckley, (Y), 5-1; McKimmin (Y) def. Frankmann (H), 5-4, and Sheldon, (H), 5-4; Dailey (Y) def. Frankmann (H), 5-4, and Sheldon (H), 5-4.

Epee--Ager (H) def. Shannon (Y), 3-1, and Ertelt (Y), 3-2; Arp (H) def. French (Y), 3-1; Masterson (H) def. Shannon (Y), 3-0, and Ertelt (Y), 3-2; Ertelt (Y) def. Arp (H), 3-2; French (Y) def. Masterson (H), 3-1, and Ager (H), 3-2; Shannon (Y) def. Constable (H), 3-2.

Saber--Ellis (H) def. McKirihan (Y), 5-4, and Fleming (Y), 5-4; Ellis (H) def. White, 5-2; Fleming (Y) def. Gay (H), 5-4, McNeal (H), 5-4, and Gay (H), 5-4; McKirihan (Y) def. Gay (H), 5-4, and McNeal (H), 5-2.