McCord Appoints Four Fund Agents

Seniors Will Canvass For Traditional Gift

Four men will serve as 1948 Class Agents of the Harvard Fund following their appointment over the weekend by David T. W. McCord '21, executive secretary of the Fund Council. Ordinarily a Class has only one or two Agents, but because of the size of the '48, four men wore chosen.

John B. Cadigan, Jr. of Dorchester, Jay L. Failkow of Brookline and Adams House, Thomas R. Morse, Jr. of South Lincoln and Lowell House and Thorvald S. Ross. Jr. of Cambridge will assume their posts immediately.

The four will continue in their duties until completion of the collection of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Fund in 1973.

Those classes less than 25 years out of the College have a special agreement with the Fund, whereby all money contributed is accredited at compound interest to the traditional $100,000 gift each class makes to the University on its twenty-fifth anniversary.

The newly-appointed Agents will send a letter to members of the Class of '48 within the next week for contributions to the Fund. According to McCord, the object is not to raise large sums of money from a class about to graduate, but merely to get the men "in the habit of giving."

More than 73 percent of College alumni have contributed a total of $3,423,000 since the Fund was organized in 1925, while 15,242 contributions were rung up last year for an all time-record. All money collected goes to the University for unrestricted use.