Dunster, Union Men Win All Seven Class Seats on Next Year's Council

President Weeks Tops Field in Day's Tally

With Dunster House and Union members gaining all seven Class seats, the College yesterday completed its election of a new Student Council.

The winners are, in order of their election:

Class of 1951: Roy M. Goodman, of Stoughton Hall and New York City; Edward L. Foote, of Matthews Hall and Aurora, Illinois; and Andre R. Sigourney of Wigglesworth Hall and Nahant.

Class of 1950: Charles R. Brynteson, of Dunster House and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Edward F. Burke, of Matthews Hall and Providence.

Class of 1949: William D. Weeks, of Dunster House and Boston, and Lawrence F. O'Connell, of Dunster House and Taunton.

Weeks Cleans Up

Weeks, present Council president topped the field of 71 nominees with a total of 250 votes, 45 more than any other candidate, and over twice as much as '49 runner-up O'Donnell.

Results in every Class, showed hot fighting for the last winning, place. John K. Lally '49 lost out by two votes, David M. Abbot '50 by three tallies, and John C. Pittenger '51 by seven.

Election observers last night accredited Dunster's gains in the non-Freshman field to the fact that that House holds a plurality of Class of 1949 voters.

The Union registered more '50 and '51 voters than any other polling place, thereby helping Burke's election from the Sophomores.

2242 votes were cast in all, representing approximately 60 percent of the total electorate.