Tribune Reporter Returns to Hunt University 'Reds'

Eugene Griffin, who wrote in series of articles in the Chicago Tribune last year accusing Harvard of being corrupted by "Red Poison," checked in at the Hotel Statler Friday night, reportedly to do another series on "foreign" influences at the University.

The Tribune was said to be preparing the new series as a reply to an article by Louis M. Lyons, curator of the Nicman Foundation, in the January Atlantic. The article, entitled "Libeling Our Colleges," accused the Chicago Tribune of irresponsible journalism in its articles on "red" infiltration into Ivy League colleges.

Harvard Replies

On the same day Grifiln arrived in town to begin his new series, Dean Bender, Professor Crane Brinton, and Lyons delivered a rebuttal tot he Tribune's charges over WHRV.

Bender, who reported that he was once a Tribune newsboy, said that if Harvard had to be smeared, he was glad to have it done "by papers people have little use for." He disclosed that freshman enrollment from the Chicago area had increased this year despite the Tribune attacks.

Lyons urged that colleges and schools establish programs similar to Dartmouth's "Great Issues" course so that students could be taught to recognize slanted news writing.

Brinton declined to attack the Tribune personally saying, "you don't enter a hissing contest with a goose." He had been a chief target of the newspaper's attacks.