Yardling Skaters Will Face St. Mark's Today

If the temperature is low enough, hockey Coach Stan Priddy's freshmen face off against St. Mark's today.

With two victories over Brown and Wesloyan behind his team, Priddy calls the Yardlings "a well-balanced squad with a lot of good experience." But the team hasn't been on ice for the past week because of lack of indoor skating space, and Priddy hesitates about predicting how they might perform.

The Crimson has good material this year with two fast lines which can score and also cover on defense. The first line features high-scorer Fred Koch as well as Bill Timpson and Rip Lynch.

Captain Dusty Burke, who until his injury was the team's spark plug, shares the "team's best defense player" honor with Jack Donelan, a former New England All-Scholastic player.