Project to Bring Commuters Close To 'Cliffe Begins

Application of a new program to improve commuter relations at Radcliffe begins at 4 p.m. today in Briggs Hall with the first of a series of dormitory teas. The teas, scheduled on a weekly basis, will be open to dorm residents, guests of residents, and commuters.

Cynthia Williams '51 and Nancy Beaton '51, co-chairmen of the dormitory-commuter committee, are directing the project which seeks to induce more commuter participation in 'Cliffe activities and to speed up arrangements for making night facilities in dormitories available to commuters.

Dormitory regulations for commuters, Miss Williams announced, have been drawn up by the office of the Dean of Residence. Under present rulings, commuters will also be able to get late permissions past 1 a.m. on special occasions.

Senior commuters, however, will not be eligible for senior privilege (sign out permission until 5 a.m.) since this privilege is based on individual past dormitory experience.

Appointed hospitality representatives in each dormitory will handle arrangements for girls planning to stay overnight in the dormitories.

Representatives in the various halls include Muriel Martin '51, Barnard; Edith Morse '52, Beriram; Ann Cummings '51, Briggs; Mary McCusker '50, Cabot; Joan Swayan '53, Eliot; Jane Johnson '52, Whitman; and Laura Klein '53, Moors