Committee to Hold Hoover Report Rally

Rep. Roosevelt, Senator Taft Will Be Invited to Speak in December Before Students

Senator Robert A. Taft and Congressman Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. '37 will be invited this week to speak on or about December 9 to a rally of students interested in the Hoover Commission's Report on governmental reorganization.

The Harvard Committee for the Hoover Report will send out the invitations and will sponsor the rally.

In the event that either Taft or Roosevelt cannot come, the Committee plans to invite some other prominent speaker of the same political faith as the one who cannot come.

The purpose of the committee, which was organized last night, in general is to arouse enthusiasm among Harvard students for the Hoover report. It plans to seek recognition from the Student Council at the Council's next meeting.

The Committee is a non-partisan organization made up of the heads of various political clubs and of prominent members of the student body. Officers are:

Co-chairmen, Edward F. Burke '50, Student Council President, and Robert F. Fuller '50, N.S.A. Chairman; Secretary, Francis L. Church '50, President of the Free Enterprise Society; Treasurer, Charles J. West '50, President of the Harvard Democratic Club.