Athletic Committee Forms Yard Leagues

Yard intramural touch football was consolidated yesterday by the formation of two leagues of eight entries apiece.

The Athletic Committee placed Matthews North, Straus South, Hollis, Weld South, Lionel, Thayer North and South, Massachusetts, and Grays in the National League. The American League includes Thayer Middle, Holworthy, Stoughton, Weld North, Mower, Matthews South, Wigglesworth, and Straus North.

In the National League yesterday: Lionel 21, Thayer South 0; Matthews North 20, Weld South 0; Masschusetts 6, Thayer North 0.

In the American League: Thayer Middle 7, Stoughton 6; Weld North 14, Wigglesworth 9; Matthews South 8, Mower 0.

Tomorrow, at 2 p.m.: Grays vs. Lionel and Mower vs. Stoughton. At 3 p.m.: Thayer South vs. Massachusetts and Thayer Middle vs. Weld North. Straus South vs. Hollis and Holworthy vs. Stoughton at 4 p.m.

The Athletic Committee has planned a larged program this year, including squash, swimming, basketball, volleyball, and touch football. The committee will award points to the winner of each sport and will determine the year's winner by adding up the total number of points.