Square Torn Up By Work Started On Light System

Construction of an elaborate system of traffic islands and blinker lights began yesterday in Harvard Square and promises to create bedlam for the next two weeks. the new lights and islands will implement the city's plan to turn the Square into a rotary traffic circle, a plan that is now being given a 30-day experimental trial. Success of the whole plan hinges on the ability of large trucks and trackless trolleys coming into the square from the Central square end of Mass. Avenue to negotiate the sharp turn around the subway kiosk.

In order to give big vehicles the most possible space in which to make this turn, a new stoplight will be installed in front of the Harvard Trust which will halt traffic coming into the Square from the Littaur end of Mass Avenue. Other stoplights will be located in front of the Varsity Liquor store and in back of Lehman Hall.

Construction plans also call for an addition to the base of the kiosk which will transform it into a half circle. Two triangular islands with yellow warning blinkers will guide traffic from either ends of Mass. Avenue into the rotary.