Newsmen, Coaches Predict Yale Win by Small Margin

If the scribes and coaches are to be believed, Yale will win today by a wafer thin margin. Seven out of eight polled last night gave the Elis the nod--but not by much.

The concensus was best expressed by Red Smith of the New York Herald Tribune, who telegraphed the CRIMSON, "Unable to see how either team can win but wish both success."

The thoughts of the other seers ran as follows:

Jerry Nason, Boston Globe: "Yale has won three football games this season. This leads to the suspicion that the place is lousy with athletic scholarships. Since Harvard isn't lousy (no comma here, please) with athletic scholarships, my vote is the Eli by the margin of one scholarship, 25 to 21."

Bob Cooke, Herald Tribune: "Since anything can happen in a Harvard game it is my considered opinion that Saturday's score will be Harvard 13, Yale 13."

Arthur Daley, New York Times: "With bared heads and cathedral-like reverence we stand before the holy of holies, the Yale-Harvard game. But that unreconstructed rebel from Tennessee, Herman Hickman, he jes' don't know no better."

Allison Danzig, New York Times: "It figures to be a rather high scoring game with so many excellent backs on field. Teams are so evenly matched that there should not be more than a touchdown margin between them. Yale's defense is a little stronger."

Rip Engle, Brown coach: "Yale will be favored--more backs and in better condition. Lines are about even but Harvard is hurt though it may rise to the occasion."

Tuss McLaughry, Dartmouth coach: "I'll call it even now--the team that makes the fewest mistakes will win."

Lou Little, Columbia coach: "Yale has a slight edge but breaks will make the game."