Local Groups Will Enliven Foreign Students Vacations

Foreign students remaining in Cambridge during the Christmas recess, together with other foreign students throughout the Boston area will be entertained by more than a dozen organizations, Chester H. J. Keppler, counsellor for foreign students announced last night.

The program of things to do fills the entire week between Christmas and New years, Keppler said. First on the list of activities will be an Appalachian Mountain Club outing for those who like to ski.

The club will take one group of ten students to its ledge at Pinkham Notch for ten days beginning Friday, November 16 and another group to their Cardigan Lodge in Bristol, New Hampshire from December 16 to 24. There will be a $5 membership charge.

Cards of Introduction

Cards of introduction to all the events and tours will be issued at the International Student Association office, 5 Phillips Place, where an information desk will be set up by the NSA. The NSA will also provide guides for the tours.

The program to date is as Follows:

Dec. 18--International Student Association, Carol Songfest.

Dec. 24--7 p.m. to 10 p.m. open house at the Charles Street Mooting House, corner of Charles and Mount Vernon Streets, Boston.

Dec. 25--Open House at the International Student Association.

Dec. 26--Preview of a new motion picture as guests of Time Magazine.

Dec. 27--Complete tour of the Statler Hotel at 3 p.m. Limited to two groups of 20 each.

Christian Science Building

Dec. 28--Tour of Christian Science Publishing House.

Dec. 29--Tour of the new John Hancock Life Insurance Building.

Dec. 30--Tour of the new American Telephone and Telegraph Building.

Dec. 31--New Year's Eve Party--at the International Student Association.

Jan. 1--Open House at the International Student Association.

Plans are also being made to visit industrial plants near Boston, a television broadcast, a radio station, other hotels, a department store, and musical and drams programs. This is in addition to weekend visits and afternoon stays in American homes, under the sponsorship of the Hospitably Committee of the International Origination.