Varsity Readies Defense

Wind Up Heavy Work; White, Noonan Are Probable Starters

The varsity football squad tapered off yesterday, limiting practice to dummy scrimmage, punting, and a short blackboard session.

After practice, Valpey released his starting offensive lineups, with two possible changes in the backfield. Jimmy Noonan may be able to relieve Chuck Roche of his duties at tailback, while John White may replace Moffile at wing.

The line will remain unchanged, with Stretch Mazzone and Dike Hyde at the ends. Will Davis and Chief Bender at tackles. John Coan and Howie Houston at the guards, and Paul O'Brien at center.

All these men are available for almost unlimited duty and with the exception of O'Brien all will probably be working both ways most of the time. Princeton's unbalanced line will have the Crimson's defense shifting from left to right all afternoon, depending on the Tigers' offensive strong side.

The Varsity prepared for this problem by devoting most of its practice time to a lengthy defensive mock scrimmage, with the jayvees simulating the Princeton single wing attack. The emphasis was on spinners, handoffs, and flankers.

Meanwhile, the third string was polishing offensive work, and Charley Walsh booted a few extra points and field goals. The outdoor session ended with wind sprints, following which the squad retired to the Field House for a chalk talk.