Mill Street A.A. Challenges Annex To Field Hockey Match on Friday

Radcliffe College received a bid last night for a field hockey encounter with Harvard students of the Mill Street Athletic Association.

If the Annex team accepts, they will be the fourth girl's school to cross sticks with the Crimson squad. The Mill Street aggregation has already beaten Wheaton 1 to 0, tied Bradford 1 to 1, and returned to swamp Bradford 4 to 0.

Tomorrow they travel to Mount Holyoke for the fourth game of their season, one day before they have asked Radcliffe for a match.

"The Mount Holyoke game is going to tire us," captain Fred Coburn said last night. "We don't have much depth and the boys will be run down for the Radcliffe tilt. It looks like a tough fight all the way down."

Coburn said the Mill Street squad plays the accepted rules of girls' field hockey at every college. "As far as I can remember, there are 12 people on a team, and they spend the afternoon running up and down a long field," he mused.

"The object of this exertion isn't apparent at all times," the captain said, "but the team that rolls the ball through the goal is considered to have gained something of an advantage." Hitting people with the sticks is frowned upon in the sport, and the Mill Street A. A. shys away from close contact with their opponents.

"We're not that type," says Coburn.