The Moviegoer

At the Pilgrim

Robert Cummings and Eagle-Lion Films have hammered together a ramshackle little comedy that is partly funny and mostly dismal. Almost everything in "Let's Live A Little" worthy of a laugh has been filched from another picture or another era. In a night-club scene, Cummings shamelessly repeats the Groucho Marx classic: "If we dance any closer, I'll be in back of you." He makes liberal use of several Buster Keaton slapstick techniques, such as the hurling of moist, gooey materials, and has exhumed the standard character of the jittery businessman.

Cummings is far from incompetent with this bread type of comedy, but while he is still learning it is hardly fair of Eagle-Lion Films to bring him into society. Perhaps the most objectionable feature of the film is the repeated use of the infamous "double-take." Everybody in "Let's Live A Little" employs the double-take, with the exception of Hedy Lamarr, who remains ossified throughout.