An Editorial, By Gosh

Yesterday afternoon James T. Mulhern, an honest and God-fearing working man, was on his way from his plumbing shop in Watertown to repair a dangerously leaking faucet in Somerville. THIS MAN WAS PREVENTED FROM GETTING TO HIS PLACE OF WORK BY A ROWDY BAND OF STUDENTS FROM HARVARD UNIVERSITY WHO BLOCKED MT. AUBURN STREET FOR CLOSE TO AN HOUR. Such action by the students is in direct violation of the 1st, 5th, 7th and 13th amendments to THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. The consequences of their actions are grave. The faucet which James Mulhern was to repair became rapidly worse during the period of student pranks and caused the basement of a two-family house to be FLOODED BY THREE FEET OF BELMONT SPRINGS WATER.

In addition the disturbance in Cambridge was attended by a crowd of youngsters who eagerly emulated their elder college brethren. NO ONE PRESENT LIFTED A FINGER TO HALT A DISTURBANCE WHICH WAS WATCHED BY THAT GROUP OF AMERICANS IN WHOSE HANDS THE FUTURE OF AMERICA LIES.

By their inaction, it seems quite clear THAT HARVARD UNIVERSITY IS CONDONING JUVENILE DELINQUENCY. The editors of the Harvard CRIMSON therefore recommend the prosecucution of those officials responsible for permitting this demonstration to occur. HARVARD UNIVERSITY HAS FALLEN INTO THE HANDS OF A BAND OF FAGINS. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.