Freshman Register

The first postwar edition of the Freshman Register will be ready for distribution Monday--just five months later than is necessary for maximum usefulness. The Register includes pictures of all incoming freshmen along with information on the home town and college address of each. It could help materially in solving the freshman's initial problems of meeting his classmates and of associating names with places and faces. The Register can serve this purpose only if it is available early in the fall term, preferably at freshman registration.

The Register is late because all the pictures are taken after the freshmen have arrived in Cambridge. The solution to the problem of lateness is obviously to use the photographs submitted by each student with his application for admission. This is the practice at Wellesley College, where a picture directory of freshmen appears early each fall in time to be useful in orientation weeks.

The Student Council and Deans Office officials in charge of freshmen affairs should lay plans this spring for early publication of the Class of 1953 Freshman Register. Editors should come from the Class of 1952 so that they can work out all the details of publication in time for early distribution. It is a simple problem, simply solved. For all its simplicity, however, the solution is one that could make an important contribution to the freshman's difficult social orientation.

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