Peroy Heartened By Gay's Arrival

Fencing coach Rene Peroy has heard some good news and some bad news in the past two weeks.

The good news came when John Gay returned to Harvard to finish off his senior year. Gay was a hard-hitting, razzle-dazzle saber man who slashed his way up to the Number One spot on last year's team, was elected captain, and suddenly lit out from the College before getting a degree.

For the last year he has been fishing off the coast of Maine, and Peroy didn't know whether he would be back or not. Gay is registering in the Spring Term, though, and for the past few weeks has been practicing in the Blockhouse.

Together with Fels Carter, a heavy-handed sophomore, Gay ought to be the chief crowd-getter in the fencing meets. His antics come as close to Douglas Fair-banks as any can.

The bad news was an injury to Ray Frankman and another to Chip Arp. Both were top men with foils. A heavy blow knocked Frankman's sword out of his hand last week, and pulled a finger tendon at the same time.

A few days later, Arp broke a foil in practice and gouged his side with the jagged edge.

Both of the wounds are slight, and the two will easily be in practice by next term. In all the departments, the top men are almost the same as in the beginning of the year, with no new-Comoro in the tentative team lineup.