Corcoran's Planning 'Square' Store, Billard Parlor Opens

For these who like to play their poollate at night, the Harvard Billiard Room opening sometime next week will provide accommodations. Located directly underneath the newly opened Sea Grille on Holyoke Street the "billiard parlor," as its owner, Charles LaBreck prefers to call it, will have approximately eight tables.

The exset number of tables will be in proportion to the pinball machines that can be squeezed in around the wall space. These will be in addition to cigarette vendors and soda coolers. The whole business will be kept open until midnight, six hours later than the similar emporium located above Leavitt and Peirce.

Pocket and Standard

Both pocket and standard billiards will be available for students. On the theory that Harvard and local men do not mix, especially in a pool hall, LaBreck is, for the time being, restricting his establishment to students. In the event of low attendance he will be forced to open to all comers.

LaBreck has spent the major part of his business career operating pinball establishments in Boston.