The Music Box

Half Time with the Band

Don't look for a series of familiar tunes on the records of the new Band record album. They aren't there. Except for 'Wintergreen' and Yale medley, everything is new; the first album handled the ivy-covered schools, leaving Brown, Columbia, and Cornell for the new 6-side product.

This album has some very nice sides. It's about time 'Wintergreen' got itself recorded, and the playing--on the same side--of 'Soldiers Field' and 'Harvard's Day' is filled with the blare of the Band's beautiful trombone section. The Columbia medley calls back 33 big points in its opening bars.

There is one major defect in this album: John Finnegan '47 is not so good an arranger as Leroy Anderson '29. This becomes obvious when the "Serenade for the Blue' is compared with the old Yale medley. Unfortunately, most of the new medleys are Finnegan's, which makes for a uniformity of form, cadence, and orchestration that is unfortunate at the least.

But the album still proves that the Band is a superb, beautifully--drilled organization. It contains excellent musicians in copious number; It plays consistently well. This album is always entertaining, though never near the quality of the first.