Age Fakers Get Patrol Ride From Tavern to Station

Minors who use fake identification to get drinks in Boston bars will be "thrown into a patrol wagon and taken to the nearest station," according to the get tough policy announced this week by Mary E. Driscoll, Chairman of the Boston Licensing Board.

Miss Driscoll urged police to arrest teenage offenders, but her main attack was against the taverns serving them. She declared that police would no longer accept excuses from propriotors who say they were hoodwinked by minors with false birth certificates.

"No matter how the youngsters got the liquor, they still got it," Commissioner Frank Brier added. He confirmed Miss Driscoll's statement that "It's about time we got tough with these cafes that serve liquor to minors, regardless of what the circumstances might be."

Brier cited cases of minors using false birth certificates, draft cards, and even club membership cards to get drinks. Bars often accept these proofs even when they are obviously fake, he said, and sometimes ask no proof at all.