Lowell House Revives Tradition in Handing Out Senior Book Awards

Lowell House revived its pre-war tradition of senior book awards to its top men at High Table last night. In addition, Housemaster Elliott Perkins '23 presented Robert B. Clark '48 with a toy horn as "the man who has incited the biggest and beat riots in the small courtyard."

The earlier awards went to John E. Carlson '48 as "the man who has done most for Lowell House in the last year. Edward M. Yamasaki '50 as "the man who has fostered the most fraternal House spirit"; Frederick Richardson '48 as "the man who has done most to promote House athletics"; and Thurlow G. Ricker '48, as "the House member with the best sense of humor." Carlson is former chairman of the House Committee. Richardson is House athletic secretary.

Certificates were also awarded to the members of the championship House athletic teams--squash, basketball, swimming, and cross-country.